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League history, NOW v. Scheidler, Action News, Joe Scheidler, League staff

League history, NOW v. Scheidler, Action News, Joe Scheidler, League staff

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CLOSED: 99 Ways To Stop Abortion


Joe Scheidler's CLOSED: 99 Ways To Stop Abortion was originally published in 1985, making accessible to all pro-lifers the techniques for stopping abortion that Scheidler learned and developed over more than a decade of pro-life activism.

Since its publication, CLOSED has inspired a generation of pro-life activists to save the lives of unborn children through non-violent direct action. Many people have been encouraged by Scheidler's clear, specific strategies to put their pro-life convictions into action in their own communities. The methods explained in the book have resulted in numerous closings of abortion mills throughout the country.

This handbook of pro-life activism has proved so effective that it played a significant role in the NOW v. Scheidler 1998 Federal District Court trial.

Although CLOSED is currently out of print, we offer here several of its most important chapters.

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